Best Ironing Board cover for Steam Generator Iron 2023

Are you looking for the best ironing board cover for your steam generator iron?

A good quality ironing board cover should have extra padding with a wrinkle-free heat-resistant cotton cover.

So let’s get started:

Best Ironing Board Cover for Steam Generator Iron

Best Ironing Board Covers
Best Ironing Board Covers

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Brabantia Ironing Board Cover

Brabantia is a well-known laundry accessories manufacturer. They have ironing boards, covers, dryers and other laundry-related accessories.

Brabantia ironing board covers come in 6 different sizes- Size S, Size A, Size B, Size C, Size D, and Size E.

Their dimensions are as follows- size S: 95 x 30 cm, size A: 124 x 34 cm, size B: 124 x 38 cm, size C: 125 x 45 cm, size D: 135 x 45 cm, size E: 135 x 49 cm.

Brabantia Ironing Board Cover
Brabantia Ironing Board Cover

We are going to list down the different size covers one by one below:

Size S

Size A

Size B

The Brabantia Size B ironing board cover comes with 2 different padding styles- 2mm and 8 mm. If you are looking for an extra padded cover then 8 mm is for you.

Size C

Size D

Size E

All of the Brabantia ironing board covers come with 100% durable cotton. Easy to set up with cord fastener and stretch system. Wrinkle-free, heat-resistant cover with 2 years warranty on it.

Minky Ironing Board Cover

Minky ironing board covers are budget friendly in nature. The ironing board cover dimension ranges from 122 x 38 cm up to 145 x 54 cm.

Minky Supersize Smart Fit cover

Minky Supersize Smartfit cover can be used on 122 x 38 cm to 145 x 54 cm ironing boards.

Minky Supersize Smart Fit cover
Minky Supersize Smart Fit cover

It comes with a high-quality poly-cotton surface with a 3 mm felt pad. The fabric is machine washable and has an elastic edge for tight-fitting.

Minky Smart Fit Reflector Cover

The Minky Supersize Smartfit Reflector cover fits all boards from 122 x 38 up to 145 x 54 cm.

It comes with a high-quality poly cotton surface with heat-reflective metallic dots on a 3 mm felt pad. It’s a heat-resistant cover to smoothen your ironing experience.

The cover comes with an elastic edge to fit appropriately.


It is not machine washable.

Minky Smart Fit Felt Pad

The Minky Smartfit Felt pad is extra padding that you can use under your ironing board cover and make it usable for steam generator irons.

Minky Smart Fit Felt Pad
Minky Smart Fit Felt Pad

The felt pad fits all boards from 122 x 38 up to 145 x 54, you can cut it with a kitchen knife and make it suitable for your ironing board.

This extra padding is 100% recycled fibres and is not machine washable.

How to choose an Ironing Board Cover?

Size of the cover

The size of the ironing board covers matters a lot and whether will it fit your ironing board is a big question.

If you know the size of your ironing board then it is easy to choose a cover. The size written on the cover is the maximum size ironing board it can be used on.

For example, the Brabantia Size C cover (124 x 38 cm) is a perfect fit for the Size C ironing board (124 x 38 cm).

If your ironing board is different then make sure you are getting an upper-size cover for the board.

Ironing board cover fabric

Fabric will vary depending on the manufacturer. 100% cotton and poly-cotton fabric are some of the top-used ironing board cover fabrics we recommend choosing.

Some fabrics have a metallic coating that reflects heat. The reflective design makes for faster and better ironing.

Ironing board Padding

Some fabric comes with extra padding stitched into the cover. Extra padding is made of polyester.

Most of the models have 2 mm, 3 mm, and 8 mm padding depending on the manufacturer.


We hope that you liked our article on the best ironing board covers for steam generator irons.

We recommend Brabantia Ironing Board Covers (this is a Size C) as well as Brabantia ironing boards (size C) to all of our readers.

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