Best Rowenta Steamer 2021: Garment & Handheld Models

Steamers are much better than steam irons. If you’re looking for the best Rowenta steamer then this article is for you.

Steamers help you to clean different types of garments, linen, curtains, drapes, bed sheets easily.

They are easy to use and remove wrinkles much faster than a normal steam iron.

We have also included a tutorial on how to use a Rowenta Steamer at the end of this article.

Now let’s check out the top 10 best Rowenta steamers available on the market.

Best Rowenta Steamer

Best Rowenta Steamers of 2021:

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Rowenta DR8180 Handheld Steamer

Rowenta DR8180 model is the new handheld clothes steamers from Rowenta. This model has a retractable cord stored within the base after pressing a button.

Rowenta DR8180 model has 1600 watts of power and can be heated up within 40 sec & provides 40 g/min steam output.

The water tank capacity isn’t listed anywhere. However handheld clothes steamer tank ranges between 200 ml to 300 ml.

Rowenta DR8180 Handheld Steamer

There are two modes for steam output- delicate & turbo. In turbo mode, it generates more steam output than the delicate mode. Turbo mode is best for curtains, drapes bed sheets, etc.

It has a 3-meter long cord that is retractable in the base of the iron. With a 3 m cord, you can cover more area for steaming.

The model price is a little bit higher than other handheld steamers. But of course, it may provide a lot of value in the long run. Check the price here on Amazon.

Rowenta IS6520 Fabric Steamer

Rowenta IS6520 model comes with a rotating head that can be used to clean fabrics easily.

The model has a power rating of 1500 watts and has a 1-gallon water tank capacity. You can steam for approximately 1 hour without refilling it. This is the advantage of fabric steamers over a handheld steamer.

Rowenta IS6520 Fabric Steamer

The steam output is 30 g/min. It takes around 45 sec to heat up properly and after that, you can use the steamer for approx. 1 hour.

You can operate the steamer with your foot making it comfortable to use.

The insulated fabric hose ensures no steam leakage. High-temperature steam can be dangerous for skins, eyes & face.

The water tank can be separated and refilled. The IS6520 has two wheels for better portability reasons. The model weighs 12 pounds and is heavy to lift with the full tank.

It has auto shutoff, anti-calcium & self-cleaning features which makes it great at the price range. You can check the price of the Rowenta IS6520 model here on Amazon.

Rowenta Steamer Comparison

NameRowenta DR6131Rowenta DR7000Rowenta DR7051Rowenta DR8080Rowenta DR8120Rowenta DR8180
Heat Up Time15s45s45s45s40s40s
Heated Metal Platexxx
Retractable Cordxxxxx
Dual Voltagexxxxx
AccessoriesFabric BrushFabric Brush, Steam Bonnet, Door HookFabric Brush, Steam Bonnet, Door Hook, Travel PouchFabric Brush, Lint Pad, Steam BonnetFabric Brush, Crease Attachment, Steam Bonnet, Door HookFabric Brush, Crease Attachment, Steam Bonnet, Door Hook

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