Does Cotton shrink every time you Wash it?

Cotton fabric is made from natural plant fibers and is widely used in clothes and table linens.

The cotton fibers can be woven or knit to produce comfortable, breathable fabrics. However, they are prone to wrinkles and shrinking issues.

Does cotton shrink every time you wash it?

No. But not every time.

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Does Cotton Shrink Every Time You Wash it?

Does cotton shrink every time you wash it?

Cotton clothes can shrink every time you wash them if you use hot water or high temperature on the dryer. It shrinks for the first time after washing.

You can prevent shrinking by using cold water and in the delicate setting of the washing machine.

Does Cotton Fabric Shrink When Washed?

If clothing isn’t pre-washed by the manufacturer, then it will shrink for the first time when washed with mild hot water. Also, if you used cold water when washing cotton clothes the cotton may not shrink.

Why Does Cotton Fabric Shrink?

Cotton is a natural organic fabric and it is not man-made. So it’s like fiber, when you heat it, the temp rises and the fabric got shrunken.

Also, cotton is often stretched out when it is made into thread to produce top-quality clothes.

Cotton Shrink Temperature

We know cotton shrinks at heat. The cotton shrinking temperature is around 85 degrees F. When washing, use cold water, and after washing you don’t put them in a dryer.

Cotton Fabric Shrinkage Percentage

The amount of shrinkage depends upon the weave of the fabric and how the material was finished and sized at the textile plant.

Some people have reported seeing only a 1 to 3% shrinkage rate. While some of them reported that cotton will shrink by about 20% when placed in a hot dryer.

When Does Cotton Stop Shrinking?

The best part about Cotton is, that it usually only shrinks once if it hasn’t been pre-washed on the textile plant.

If you’ve chosen a 100% organic pure cotton cloth, then check the label to make sure if pre-washing has been done or not.

How to shrink cotton without a dryer?

Here’s a complete step-by-step video to follow:

A detailed step-by-step written guide to shrink cotton without a dryer:

  1. Put your clothes on the washing machine– Put your clothes on the washing machine and pour the detergent as instructed on the label.
  2. Set the water level to low– Now set your cycle dial to small to make sure you use less water.
  3. Set the temperature level to high– Turn the temperature dial to either warm or hot, whichever is the highest temperature setting possible.
  4. Set the mode to cotton– Set your dial to indicate that you are washing cotton and do not use the permanent press option.
  5. Set the washing time to high– Set your washing time dial to high. The longer the item is in hot water the faster it will shrink. Now, wait for the washing.
  6. Use your Iron– Once the washing is done, use your iron on the highest heat setting to further the shrinking process. And you are done.


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