How to Get Wrinkles Out of Khakis? (Easiest Way)

Khakis are prone to wrinkles due to their light-dark colors. If you left them in the wardrobe without removing wrinkles the next time you’ve to do more work, even if you wear it once.

Is it there any way to remove wrinkles out of Khakis easily without ironing, is it safe for the fabric type?

In this article we’re going to answer that. Let’s get started:

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Khakis

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Khakis?

There are many ways to unwrinkled a Khaki without using an iron. To remove wrinkles from Khakis you can use a dryer, steam shower, or wrinkle remover spray (most recommended).

We’ll help you to choose the best method of dewrinkling a Khaki with the least time spent.

#1- Using a Dryer

Dryers are one of the best home appliance that can remove wrinkles from a lot of different fabric types easily. You can use a dryer to remove Khaki wrinkles with 10 minutes.

Use a dampen hand towel. Place the towel and khakis in the dryer and turn it on for about 10 minutes. Remove the pants promptly and the wrinkles should be gone.

How this works: Dampen towel has water and when rotating in the dryer the water gets from the towel to the Khaki and soften the fabric. In turn removes the wrinkles.

#2- Hot Shower

Hot shower can be used to remove wrinkles. First, hang the Khaki pants by a clamp hanger in the bathroom. Turn the shower to the hottest water temperature setting, close the shower/bathroom door and leave the pants hanging for 10 minutes. The steam from the shower will help smooth out wrinkles.

This method works great by softening the fabric and the gravity does the rest. If there are any wrinkles left on the pant, use hand to press it downward. Most probably it’ll remove the unevenness of the fabric.

#3- Using a Hair Dryer

Hair dryers blow out hot air and can remove creases from you Khaki pants.

Use a water sprayer (affiliate link, highly recommended) and spray it in the wrinkle areas of your pant. Apply heat from a hairdryer to wrinkled areas of the khakis.

Hold the blow dryer a few inches from the fabric and use your hands to smooth out wrinkles as you’re applying the air from the blow dryer. Do this until all the wrinkles are gone.

#4- Wrinkle Release Spray

Wrinkle release sprays are getting popular over time due to their effectiveness in removing creases and wrinkles. Buy a wrinkle release spray (click here to check the price on Amazon).

Hang the pant, spray the mist and see the magic for yourself. You can carry it with you easily.

This is the best way to remove wrinkles but the dryer method also works great if you have got a dryer at home.

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