Shark Iron Problems: Fix your Professional Iron in minutes

Shark Iron problem?

No worries! In this article, I’m going to list down common problems related to Shark Irons and step by step ways to fix them.

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So let’s get started:

Shark Iron Problems

Here is the list of common shark irons problems:

  • Shark Iron not turning on
  • Shark iron turns off while ironing
  • Shark iron water leakage problem
  • shark iron manual
  • shark iron parts
  • shark professional iron disassembly
  • How do I reset my shark iron
  • Shark iron not heating up

Shark Iron not turning on

Faulty Power Cord – Unplug the iron and for power cord damage. You can use a multimeter to check it’s continuity. If beeping that’s means it’s OK.

Shark iron turns off while ironing

If you’re having issues with the auto shut off function you can reset the setting for auto shut off (more on that below). If it keeps doing this, maybe the circuit board is damaged.

Shark iron water leakage problem

If your shark iron leaking water or brown stuff it may be because of the following reasons- low temperature, calcium deposits or overfilling of water.

The water maybe isn’t heated enough to convert it into steam.

If hard water was used for a long time and wasn’t cleaned properly then the calcium deposits on the soleplate areas & steam holes may cause water dripping from there.

Another reason could be, overfilling of the water tank. If you’re filling the water tank totally then water may drip while ironing. You should fill the tank to its max limit only.

How do i reset my shark iron?

To reset your iron auto shut off function performs the following steps:

  1. Lift the iron from standing while powered on.
  2. Holding the iron horizontally in front of you, gently rock the iron back and forth several times.
  3. It has gravity switch which reset the settings & turns off auto shut-off function. This motion will reset the safety switch inside the iron.

Shark iron not heating up

If your shark iron not heating up check the heating element by disassembling the iron. Maybe the connection between the circuit board and the heating element is damaged.

Another reason could be thermostat is damaged, in this case, you need to change it with a suitable one.

You can check out why is my iron isn’t heating up guide to fix this issue.

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