How to Clean and Fix a Steam Generator Iron?

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Are you looking to clean your steam generator iron properly?

In this article, we’ve listed step by step guide to clean and fix your steam generator iron.

So let’s get started:

Clean Steam Generator Iron

Here is a step by step process to clean your steam generator iron:

  • Descale Water tank
  • Soleplate
  • Fix steam generator iron keeps tripping
  • Steam generator iron not steaming
  • Steam generator iron leaking water

How to descale a Steam Generator Iron Water tank?

  • Fill the water tank with distlled water.
  • Plug the iron into a power supply.
  • Set the temperature to maximum and steam output to ‘dry’ setting.
  • Once the max. temperature reached unplug the iron.
  • Over a sink, set the steam output to maximum.
  • Press the calc-clean button to descale the water tank.
  • You can also use auto clean button and spray button to clean the reservoir.
  • Finally, unplug the iron and allow it to cool

Clean Steam Generator Iron Soleplate

Most of the steam generator irons have stainless steel or ceramic soleplate. You can use toothpaste to remove gunks with the help of a damp cloth.

Sometimes the steam holes could become clogged. If this is the case, you can use cotton swabs dipped into the vinegar solution and rub them on affected areas.

Fix steam generator iron keeps tripping

Tripping the breaker or fuse is caused by excessive current draw. These are safety devices that are meant to protect from electrical overloads and fires.

More than likely your steam generator iron has a failing heating element and should be replaced. It is also possible that it has developed an internal water leak causing a short.

Contact a repairman to fix your steam generator iron from tripping fuse in the main power box. It’s advised to not use the product unless fixed.

Steam generator iron not steaming

When a steam generator iron stops steaming, the chances are that it has limescale.

It can be removed by descaling your iron. You can also use an anti-limescale solution and mixing tap or well water with distilled water of 50%.

It’s recommended to prevent further calcium buildup is to clean your iron regularly and removing the remaining water from the reservoir after every use.

Steam generator iron leaking water

You can read our guide on water leaking out of your iron from here.

Can you put descaler in a steam generator iron?

Modern steam generator iron comes with a calcium collector or anti-calc function which removes the impurities from water to keep the steam holes working.

For this reason, you don’t need to put a descaler into the water tank of your iron.

How do you change a Morphy Richards iron filter?

  1. Remove your iron from power supply.
  2. Let it cool down properly.
  3. Slide out the water tank and remove the anti-scale filter.
  4. Empty the water in the tank by holding it upside down K.
  5. Replace the anti-scale filter and reinstall the water tank.

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