Will my Iron turn off automatically if it’s not being used?

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Will my Iron turn off automatically?

I forgot to unplug it…

That’s the question many of you asked me through emails and Instagram.

In this article, we’re going to answer if Irons turn off automatically or not and what happens if you forgot to unplug the iron.

Will my Iron turn off automatically?

Yes, Irons will turn off automatically if it comes with an auto shutoff feature. Irons with auto-shutoff feature comes with relays and sensors to shut off automatically.

The automatic shut-offs turn off power to the sole plate heater when the iron has not been used for a fixed period of time.

The first switch located on the iron’s handle is closed when the iron is held by a user. A second switch located on the iron’s heel is closed when the iron stands in the upright position.

Do irons turn off automatically?
Do irons turn off automatically?

Some automatic shut-offs use two separate timing periods to determine when power should be removed from the soleplate heater.

A first timing period is selected because the iron is often left in a resting position on its heel while it is in use but the user is attending to related tasks, such as folding or hanging clothes.

During normal use, it may be left in this position for a relatively long period of time, perhaps 10 or 15 minutes. Thus, it is desirable to have the automatic shut off’s timing period at least this long.

According to a patent,

The present invention relates to an automatic shut off for a clothes iron and more particularly to an automatic shut off having multiple switches. One switch prevents the automatic shut off timer from running while another switch controls the timing period of the automatic shut off.

Source: Google Patent

For example, the Rowenta DW9280 model comes with a 3-way auto-shutoff feature which turns off the iron for 30 sec on its side or face down position, and for 8 mins in the vertical position.

What happens if you forgot to unplug the iron?

If you forgot to unplug your Iron, it’ll automatically shut off. Most modern steam Irons have this auto shutoff feature.

You should look for important information about this auto shut-off function:

How modern Steam iron keeps your clothes safe from burning?

Modern irons come with auto shut-off features temperature sensors and gravity-based switches.

When the iron is left untouched for a certain period of time it will start to reach its max temperature and the temperature sensor trips thus cutting off the power supply to the heating element of the iron.

When placed in vertical mode, the gravity-based switch gets activated and the circuit board will cut off the power supply after a certain amount of time.

Can you leave your Iron plugged in?

No, you shouldn’t leave your Iron plugged in. But If you’ve done it unintentionally, the auto shutoff function will keep your iron safe and prevent any accidental burning.

These irons, hair straighteners, and dryers draw a huge amount of ampere. While the models will not catch on fire but their circuits and wires can cause short circuits after a certain period of misuse.

If you forgot to turn it off by mistake on a rushed morning then it is fine but as a responsible person you must check all the electrical connections like fans, lights, and other kitchen & grooming appliances, and turn them off.

Can you disable Steam Iron auto-shutoff feature?

Yes, you can disable your steam Irons auto-shutoff feature by simply disconnecting/turning off the gravity switch provided on the Iron.

Here’s a video on disabling auto-shutoff on a Rowenta iron:

Disabling auto-shutoff on a Rowenta iron

How to disable the auto-shutoff of a Tefal iron:

Disable auto-shutoff of a Tefal iron

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